Founded in 2017 by Andrew Rosser, London’s Haus of Drag has become
London’s premiere drag show featuring the city’s finest drag performers!

Current Roster

Chastity Cage

Mrs. Chastity Cage is a crafty bearded Queen who will make something out of nothing!

She is known for her activism and always standing up for those without a voice. Chastity is a designated Minister with her church and a licensed officiant for life services. She loves to blend the lines of gender and may have a slight addiction to shoe shopping. True love does not know how to hate or discriminate.

Eve Hill

Bubbly, bodacious, and most importantly Blonde! Eve Hill is your queen if you want a fun filled light hearted time.

A queen of body positivity and outrageous performances you will not leave without a smile on your face!

Ezra Ginnn

Quick witted country bumbkin turned glitter sommelier straight from a saturday morning cartoon.

Ezra Ginnn is a king best known for turning looks and his attempts of what he would call “comedy”.

Galaxy Rose

Galaxy Rose is your Sweet-Tea Queen on the Scene! Her drag is an immersion into all the things she loves: creativity, tenacity and diversity. She advocates the power of the voice, whether through advocacy or song.

She aspires to inspire every step of the way and believes strongly that small acts of kindness can change the world. “Let’s light up the sky together!”

Lexi Alexander

The “Ballad Queen of Passion, Joy & Love!”  Lexi Alexander’s performances are from the heart, hopes that one lyric can touch one soul along the way.

Lexi says, “Be kind, be respectful & be loved. We all need to support one another and not be judgmental of choices that we make regardless if they are the choices that you may not have made for yourself. My motto has always been You always get what you give and You have to work hard for what you want and believe in life.

Lillith Nox

Queen of hell with a British accent, Lillith Nox brings creepy to the couture.

The dramatic face of horror, Lillith derives inspiration from classic creature feature genres and gender fluid fiction, putting the AFAB in All out FABulous.

Obsessed with the macabre and monstrous, her looks turn heads ’til they literally pop off!

Lita Von Sleaze

Lita, from London, Ontario, has been performing in drag for more than 5 years and has been on stages all across the province. She is a multiple title holder, talented makeup artist, and a mentor to younger performers in and around London.

She is known as a high energy performer who frequently adds elements of comedy, dance, and singing to her stage shows, and she’s always got a stunt or trick up her sleeve.

Miss Shaneen

Miss Shaneen is London’s youngest performing Drag Queen at age 17!

Her aim is to continue her drag journey as far as possible as she works to improve her performances, costume design and makeup!

She is a talented pianist and cellist, and hopes to incorporate her musical abilities into her future performances.

Olive ThisTea

Olive ThisTea is a drag king extraordinaire, performing from coast to coast to all you beautiful beings.

Originally hailing from Ontario, he now sits his throne on Vancouver Island, BC. He hopes to be your Romeo, and win your heart.

Oliver Personas

The unconventional and adrogynous performer who tries their hardest to shock and suprise.

From trashy burlesque to stunts and a touch of comedy are you ready to experience the personas?

Panico Von Sleaze

One of London’s newest drag performers and a spawn of Haus of Sleaze, Panico Von Sleaze will leave you gagged with every performance!

Phoenix Black

Phoenix Black is the dancing queen of London Ontario serving you twirls, splits, and drops.

She started drag 3 years ago, and earned an opportunity to perform for Kimchi, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Miz Cracker, Lemon and more.

Her aesthetic is described as mysterious with dancing energy.

Tobias Engorged

Tobias is an aging drag King from London Ontario, with a focus on heavier sounding music.

His style is anywhere from demonic chic to casual Viking, bringing a very alternative feel to his performances.

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